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7 Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

If we just told you that you could earn thousands of dollars while you were asleep, you would probably laugh at our claims. You may call as fake, crazy and move on thinking that what we are saying is just impossible.

But yes, this is possible, and the answer to it is affiliate marketing

Thousands of website owners and bloggers earn a sufficient amount through this income stream. All this they do just by promoting web hosting companies.

However, when you have to choose the best web hosting affiliate program, you should be careful. Just picking one that is paying high commission is not sufficient; find a reliable, user-friendly company and known for its quality.

As an affiliate, you must recommend only those web hosts that you identify with; that is, you must have used them before and would have helped achieve something. In case you are not confident, there is no point in promoting it. In case you choose a bad quality product, it will reflect poorly on you, and your existing audience will also go away.




Liquid web is a leader so far in the premium managed hosting space. They have a range of services, starting from dedicated servers and VPS hosting, cloud dedicated servers, and VPS to WooCommerce and Word

Press hosting.

Their WooCommerce and Word Press hosting is reliable and safe. Sites that are hosted on Liquid Web have a fast speed with features like free site migration, no coverage fees, traffic limits, free SSL certificates, etc.

Its managed WooCommerce and Word Press hosting is also bundled with additions like free Beaver Builder page builder plugin, All Iconic WP plugins, Jilt Abandoned Cart, Affiliate WP, and Glew Analytics.

The affiliate program they have is the best, and they offer 150% of the monthly cost with a minimum CPA of $150.

If you join as an affiliate partner with them, you receive the following incentives:

  • Customized commissions
  • Coupon codes
  • Co-branded landing pages
  • Sales and offers
  • Free gifts to customers (e.g., WP101 training memberships)



Kinsta is completely a WordPress hosting provider and has cloud servers powered with the Google Cloud Platform. Sites that are hosted by Kinsta load very fast are secure and have the latest technology like SSL, PHP7, HTTP/2 CDN, etc.

For every sale you do for the company, you can earn up to $500 along with getting 10% monthly recurring commissions for a lifetime.

Some of the reasons why Kinsta is the best in the web hosting industry are :

You can earn between $50 to $500 for each customer that you refer to them (this is based on the type of plan you refer to)

  • Starter plan ($50 commission)
  • Pro plan ($100 commission)
  • Business plans ($150 commission)
  • Enterprise plans ($500 commission)

It has a 60-day long tracking cookie, and the earnings get paid in a 60-day conversion window.

You continue getting a 10% monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of the customer that signed up from you.

Since Kinsta has a churn rate under 5%, you continue getting recurring commissions from them.

Every month you receive the payout in your PayPal account.

Real-time tracking so that you can see the affiliate data in real-time and page views, subscriptions, plan details, etc.

An extensive library of promotional banners and logos which serve as guides and resources for affiliates like you.



In case you write about WordPress themes and plugins, then the WP Engine is a perfect choice. Its affiliate program is one of the highest paying, with paybacks of around $200 per sale. You are paid every 20th and need a ShareASale account to receive the payment.

Have a look at the reasons why WP engine is the best affiliate program:

    • Hefty Commissions: This program has a minimum commission of $200 for every sale. Also, if your customer chooses a price plan, you get 100% of the first month’s company revenue makes on this product.
    • Additional Bonus on More Referrals: This program is made such that the affiliates are motivated to increase the sales. In case you have a broad base and can refer more than five customers, you may get more than $200 per sale. That is because, for every five sales, you get an additional $100 and so on.
    • Low Reversal Rates: People who actually choose the WP Engine hosting service are dedicated WP users who want an advanced hosting platform. The reversal rates from this program are significantly less, meaning you get to make lots of money.
    • Commission from Sub-Affiliates: The scope of earning from this platform is high as it offers you commission for every sale that even your sub-affiliates make.
    • Copy & Paste Promotional Materials: The platform gives its affiliates great banners and templates that they may use as a promotional material. So, when you want your sales to increase, you do not have to make any effort. The WP engine regularly conducts A/B testing on their banners, so the chances of conversions are more.
    • Longer Cookie Duration: Most cookies expire in 30 days for other affiliate programs. However, in the case of WP engines, the period is 180 days. So even if a customer clicks on your link and buys a product later on but within 180 days, you receive the commission for the same.
    Are you looking for Hosting Software?: Find MCP’s list of the Best Web Hosting Software Solutions.



    Cloudways is again a managed web host that allows you to deploy the websites to cloud servers like DigitalOcean, AWS, Vultr, Linode, etc.

    If you blog about WordPress development, then you should choose Cloudways. The platform is one of the highest paying affiliate programs in this category and offers commissions of around $200 per sale. They changed their affiliate program recently and now have more flexible commission structures. Following are the three commission structures to help you earn enough.

    • Slab (performance-based) – Allows you to earn between $50 and $125 per sale
    • Hybrid (performance + recurring based)- You can make $30 per signup along with a 7% lifetime commission
      Custom (performance-based) – Here, you can earn up to $200 per sale

    Let us know why Cloudways is the best in the web hosting affiliate program business :

    • Generous and flexible commission structure: The more sales you do, the higher commissions you can earn. You can choose between a performance-based commission structure or a hybrid model if you want to do it for the long term.
    • Dedicated affiliate managers: You are given a dedicated affiliate manager who tells you how to use the cloud hosting affiliate program. They will answer any questions and doubts you may have in your mind.
    • Learning resources: You can get resources like emails and guides, monthly newsletters, blogs, and other articles.
    • Real-time tracking: The Cloudways affiliate dashboard has cookies that monitor the movement of all visitors, so you do not miss even one customer.
    • Performance reporting: You may access detailed performance reports in the affiliate panel and check the results of your marketing efforts on campaigns. Even modify the strategies to get improved results.

    Cloudways has a high performance and security cloud hosting for both its WP and non-WP websites. It is this reason that makes Cloudways a popular hosting affiliate program having very high conversion rates.



    Bionic WP is a WordPress hosting solution that helps you focus on the actual business and let them manage your website.

    As BionicWP wants all its users to have the same level of hosting solution, it provides one single hosting package with multiple pricing tiers. Users who also want add-on features like unlimited website edits and Bionic speed can opt for the hosting package they are buying.

    Their hosting packages are the fastest because the servers are hosted on the Google Cloud platform, which is the same place where Google hosts the service engine servers. The Bionic WP also offers free SSL certificates, weekly site monitoring, try before you buy, theme, plugin updates, and many other features.

    Along with the BionicWP offers guaranteed page performance with a 90+ score on the GTMetrix and Google page speed score. As they provide a free trial, the users can find a staging area to test the websites and migrate if they are satisfied with the services. This WordPress managed host offers you free migration for all the websites. BionicWP is perfect for those affiliate marketers that only want to market the managed WordPress hosting solution.

    The best features of the Bionic WP program are:

    • You can earn $75 + 12.5% recurring commission for a period of 2 years
    • There is no minimum commission payout threshold.
    • You get monthly payouts via PayPal.
    • There is a 60-day tracking cookie for the managed hosting, a you get a commission for each sale within the 60-day period.
    • All the earnings are paid through a 60-day conversion window
    • You will get a complete affiliate dashboard so that you can get the performance breakdown in detail.

    BionicWP gives you a graphical display, banner, and link assets that are needed to promote a WordPress-managed hosting solution. You just have to enquire with your affiliate manager for all the resources.

    The dedicated affiliate manager helps you manage all the hosting referrals and maximize the earnings.
    All these facts make the Bionic WP affiliate program the best WordPress hosting affiliate program. It has multiple features, and signing up to it guides you into generating more profits through affiliate websites.



    A member of the Endurance International Group, HostGator is a long-standing hosting service in the industry. It also has millions of users spread all over the world.

    Again, HostGator has a performance-based commission structure that provides good rewards for more sales; the basic commission starts at the price of $50. It offers plans for VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated account hosting, etc. HostGator uses the Impact Radius to run the affiliate program. Let us go through its features.

    • Up to $125 Commission: You can easily earn a commission of $125 for every sale you make. The platform has a volume-based structure where you get $50 for five conversions, $ 75 for 6-10 conversions, $100 for 11 to 20 referrals, and $125 if you refer more than 20 people.
    • Payment Terms: You will be paid on a monthly basis, and sales are verified every two months after the purchase. You get your money one week after the verification is over. There is a limit of $100 minimum for commission; however, there is no upper limit.
    • Affiliate Support System: HostGator gives guidance material to affiliates. There are many banners and other materials to choose from. You can consult with specialists in case you want to increase the conversion rates.

    As Host Gator’s plans are so well known and famous, you can easily promote them and make more money in the process. The affiliate program is a trustworthy and reputable program in the industry.



    Bluehost is a member of the EIG, and thus it is similar to the other hosting sites in this list. This web hosting platform is famous for the high quality and low-cost offerings it has to offer. This is probably one of the very critical reasons why this program is a preferred one for bloggers wanting to get some extra income.

    Bluehost has a flat commission structure that offers you $65 per sale. But if you make more referrals, this amount can increase up to $120.

    Some of the unique offerings made by the Bluehost affiliate program are:

    • Rewarding Commissions: If you know how to drive sales, you can make vast sums of money. The base commission of each sale is $65, but you can get a higher rate if the plans are marketed well and are able to drive more referrals to their portal.
    • Payment Terms: in case you sign up for the Bluehost affiliate program, you will receive the commission 45 days after the month ends. The payment processing is done between the 16th and the last day of the month. You should have earned a minimum of $100 by then and also have a PayPal account.
    • Superior Tracking: Bluehost has sophisticated tracking software, so not even one sale you referred to is uncredited. The technologically advanced tracking system makes it a trustworthy affiliate program.
    • Guidance and Support: When you join the Bluehost affiliate program, you get access to many resources so as to increase the conversion rate/ They also give their affiliates banners and ad links for them to use. The publishers have the access to team experts who help you make more money through the commissions.
    • More Conversions, Low Reversals: Bluehost is quite a well-known brand in the web hosting domain, and they are being used by lots of customers all over the world. That means the affiliate can push these services to their regular customers. As hosting services are used by users, you can get more conversions, and the reversal rates are also low.

    Bluehost has many plans to offer to its existing users. It provides continuous and reliable service, which is widely loved by affiliates as they are easy to promote. If you are signing up for their web hosting affiliate program, there is no chance that you are going to make any error with the same.

    Are you looking for affiliate software to track referrals, endorsements and other activities? Find MCP’s list of the Best Affiliate Software Solutions.

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